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How to Protect Yourself from Summer Heat

We, both love and hate the summer. While the temperature is high and hot wind blows though delicious mangoes and melons come in the market. This is the time to nourish your body with nutrients to protect yourself from sun and heat. Heat can cause many injuries to body but these injuries are preventable.

Have a look on things that you can do to protect yourself from heat:

  • Drink Lots of Fluid

Getting dehydrated is a big risk in summer. Remain hydrated is very important so always carry a water bottle with you, if you are going out. Drink light drinks like lemonade or fresh fruit juices and mixing glucose in water is also a good idea for summer.

Drink Lots of Fluid
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  • Exercise in Moderation

Do light or less exercise in this weather because too much exercise can cause risk of being dehydrated. So do exercise in cooled gym or indoor rooms.

Exercise in Moderation
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  • Keep Covered with Shades, Scarves or Hats

If you are going out during noon, wrap a scarf of light material like cotton or a stole around your head. This will prevent the heat from directly reaching your head.

Keep covered with shades, scarves or hats
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  • Proper Diet

Eat proper healthy and light diet full of fruits and vegetables, Don’t skip breakfast because empty stomach can cause dizziness during summers. Watermelons are a great fruit to have in this weather.

Proper Diet
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  • Take a Cool Shower

During summer you can bathe twice a day as it helps in bringing down the body temperature and clean sweat and grime from body.

Take a Cool Shower
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  • Wear Light Colors and Summer Friendly Fabrics

Wear light colors like white, cream and other light shades in summer because black or dark color absorb heat and wear summer friendly fabrics like cotton and linen clothes.

Wear light colors and summer friendly fabrics
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  • Apply Sunscreen Lotion

While going out in sun apply sunscreen lotion to your body half an hour before stepping out because it protects from harmful UV rays of the sun.

Apply sunscreen lotion
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Also have a look on some summer foods to beat the heat.

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