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How to Stop Being Jealous

Jealousy is not a bad and it is which is fairly common phenomenon with everyone especially loved ones, friends or when someone is experiencing a feeling of dissatisfaction towards another person to gain something they wish they had. But sometimes jealousy becomes obsession and that is harmful.

Jealousy often leads to following problems i.e. confusion, bitterness, worthlessness and disorder, with this we tend to lose our closed ones like friends, family and loved ones and moreover we should not be leading our lives in this jealous atmosphere as it has  bad impact on our life. So, to overcome with this problem we will discuss some points so that we help us to stop being jealous…

  • Stop Comparing:

As we know, comparison leads to jealousy, so instead of doing comparison with others start appreciating and tell the uniqueness he/she is having.

Try and be yourself.

Stop Comparing
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  • Do the Opposite of What the Jealous Person would Do:

When you feel jealousy don’t react in a destructive way. For example, if someone gets the job that you want so instead of trying to threaten that person try to congratulate them.

Do the opposite of what the jealous person would do
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  • Find Your Strength:

We should focus on our strength and the qualities we are blessed with rather than comparing with others.

Find Your Strength
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  • Boost up Your Confidence:

Never lose confidence in front of others, if you are right. How to boost up your confidence? The steps include positive thinking, rational approach and clarity of thought process.

(Pic Source - Samuel Hornek)
(Pic Source – Samuel Hornek)
  • Love Yourself:

The person who does not love themselves is like an empty vase that gets filled with rocks, stones which will eventually ruin you so always love yourself.

Love Yourself
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  • Think Positive:

Positive thinking brings a lot of good things in a person, and if we think positive no one can destroy our peace of mind and try to something constructive.

Think Positive
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