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How to Take Care & Make your Feet Beautiful this Winter

A winter is boot season and weather full of surprises. Who does not want to have soft and silky feet these winters? Everyone. But it takes time, perseverance and some tips to take care of your feet. The common problems all face in winters is cracked heels and dryness.

Here are some quickies for feet repair:

  • Scrub your feet: First remove dead skin from your feet by the help of pumice stone or feet filling. Firstly, wash your feet and soak in warm shampooed water and after 5 minutes, gently remove dead skin. But do with care as it sometimes injure the foot.
(Pic Source - Khoobsurati)
(Pic Source – Khoobsurati)
  • Toenails: Give your toenails a breather, remove nail paint and let them breathes; don’t always keep them decked in the socks or blankets. In winters, nails become brittle and torn off easily. For this use nail oil – tea tree or coconut oil which have anti-fungal properties.

Properly trim your toenails with a flier. Paint your nails as it makes them strong enough to withstand the tormenting winters by avoiding brittleness.

(Pic Source - Fun2mass)
(Pic Source – Fun2mass)
  • Give a warm bath for feet:Soak your feet in the warm water for 10 to 15 minutes add essential oil, moisturizer, and foot shampoo and dip them and let the dirt and dryness going away. Anti-fungal oils like tea tree or coconut oil will inhibit the growth of fungus on the foot.
(Pic Source - Perfect Ask)
(Pic Source – Perfect Ask)
  • Hot Oil Massage: Massaging feet with hot oil will not only remove all the stress and pain but also improves the blood circulation too. Magic oil recipe – coconut oil, olive oil and sesame oil. Mix few drops of Argan oil (originally from Morocco) too as that is cure of foot pain also.The massage will relax your feet and helps you to sleep too.
(Pic Source - Therapy 4 Life)
(Pic Source – Therapy 4 Life)
  • Moisturizer: Put a heap full of moisturizers on your feet but only after exfoliating them well. After the exfoliation part is done put a generous amount of cream and do warm it a bit.
(Pic Source - I Form)
(Pic Source – I Form)

With all these tips get velvety smooth feet which will give you oomph in confidence.

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