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How to Tell if a Girl Is Flirting With You

If you’ve got your eye on a cute girl, you obviously want to know, as soon as possible, whether she feels the same way about you. Perhaps you’ve had a few conversations, or even been on a few dates, but you are still not sure how she really feels about you. Learning how to tell if a girl is flirting with you is key to reading the subtle differences girls give away.

1. She touches her hair. Hair touching is a good sign a girl is flirting with you. If she constantly messes with her hair, twisting it between her fingers, flicking it to the side, or tucking it behind her ears, this body language shows she’s a little self-conscious.

She also wants you to notice her. Touching her collar or neck means the same thing, so look out for this!

2. She maintains eye contact. If she keeps making eye contact with you, she is probably flirting with you. This holds true whether you look at each other from across a room, or whether you chat with her directly. If she pauses and looks in your eyes, she is definitely trying to let you know that she is attracted to you.

3. She laughs a lot. Pay attention to her reactions next time you tell an amusing story. Does she laugh? If she is always laughing and giggling around you, it means she thinks you are funny. Girls love guys with a sense of humor, and her laughter speaks volumes about the way she feels about you!

4. She touches you. Still confused and wondering how to tell if a girl is flirting with you? Well, check out her body language and whether she gives you any physical contact when you chat with her.

If she reaches out to touch your arm or your hand or even bumps into you playfully or always giving you cuddles, these are surefire signs she’s flirting with you and wants to take things further.

5. She always responds. Does she always reply to your messages? If she always responds to you and doesn’t keep you waiting too long it means she is into you and flirting with you for sure.

6. She gets in touch first. If she doesn’t wait for you to message or call her and is the one taking the initiative, she is trying to tell you she likes you. You should know that she wants you to make the first move.

7. She’s keen to meet up. Does she always suggest meeting up with you? Even if you bump into each other in a chance encounter? If so, she is being clear that she would like to spend some one on one time with you and you should definitely take her up on the offer!

8. She makes fun of you. Both boys and girls use the teasing technique to show a person that they like them. Joking around and gently mocking you is her way of flirting with you, just make sure you give as good as you get!

9. She turns the conversation to something more sexual. Is she always making your conversations about sex? Or ‘joking’ about what a good couple you would be?

She is obviously flirting if this is the case and trying to get the conversation steamier, making you think about having sex with her is clearly her game plan here.

10. She compliments you. Of course, one of the most obvious signs that a girl is flirting with you is if she takes the time to compliment you. If she always says she likes the way you look or compliments you on your intelligence, humor, talent, etc., it’s because she thinks you are great and hopes you will ask her out.

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