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How to Tell If a Girl Is into You When She’s Not Dropping Any Clues

There are plenty of reasons why you would want to know if a girl is into you. But don’t let those flag your judgement. You may see what you want to see in all situations. It seems odd, but removing your feelings and seeing things how they actually are gives you a head start.

Why can’t you just ask her if she’s into you?

Well, you can. And if reading situations and hints isn’t your thing go for it. Straight out asking a girl if she likes you is probably the easiest in terms of time and thought. But it can also be the scariest.

Depending on your level of guts, this could be ideal or terrible for you.

Things like hugs to leaning on you, and even Snapchatting you pictures of her dinner can be signs that a girl is into you. But they can also just be signs that you are close friends.

How do you figure it out?

1. Does she blush around you?

This is definitely something not all guys would notice. But if you tell her she looks nice or even sit next to her on a couch and her cheeks go rosy she may like you, or at least be attracted to you, which is a start.

2. Does she laugh at your jokes?

If you find you are pretty hit or miss with your humor, but she is always laughing she may be into you. Laughing with someone is an automatic response when you like them.

If she consistently has a good time with you and wants you to know it by laughing at your jokes or telling you you’re funny, this could be a good sign that she is into you.

3. She teases you.

This may be a touch juvenile, but since pre-K days teasing someone has been a telltale sign that there is a crush in the air.

Just like all those will-they, won’t-they TV shows, some fighting like an old married couple is a sure sign she likes you. Not only is she comfortable with you, but she likes to push your buttons a little too.

4. She texts you out of the blue.

This doesn’t count if it’s in a group message, but if she sends you memes and Snapchats throughout the day she is thinking of you.

And if she is thinking of you, whether its to send you a photo of her cat or a funny face, there are certainly feelings there.

5. She focuses on you when in a group.

If you’re wondering how to tell if a girl is into you, keep an eye on her behavior when you’re talking to her in a group.Whether you are at a party or with a few friends out to dinner, if she talks to you more than anyone else she wants more time with you. And when you want more time with someone, there is a reason for that.

So, pay attention if she steers her attention toward you when there are plenty of other people around. Also, if she touches your arm or leans into you when it isn’t necessary she may be subtly hinting that she wants to be closer to you.

6. She talks to you about her dating life.

She could be complaining about the single life or even talking about a date she went on. Or she may want to see how you react. While you want to know if she is into you, she may be wondering the same thing about you.

So, if she wants to study your reaction to her dating other guys, it maybe a sort of test.

7. She asks for your opinion.

When a girl is interested in you she will want to know your preferences, what you like, and don’t like. From TV shows to music and even her style, she’ll want to know more about you.

Just as when you’re interested in someone you want to know more about them, that is exactly what she is doing.

8. Ask her friends.

Girls talk to their friends about everything. If you really think she may be interested in you, ask her friends. Now they may not tell you out of respect for her privacy. But a subtle sneaky friend might just give you a nudge in the right direction.

And if you don’t think that her friend will give you a straight answer, tell the friend that you’re thinking about asking her out. Then, ask if that’s a good idea. Her reaction should give you your answer.

9. Mention your dating life.

This might seem counter intuitive, but if she hears you talking about how you hate being single or the dating game is too much, her reaction will speak volumes. She may offer for you to hang out or clam up if you talk about a date with someone else.

Her reaction will show you how she feels about you dating. If she is totally cool with it, she may not be as interested as you think.

10. Ask her.

This really is your best move. Especially if you like her back. When you’re looking into how to tell if a girl is into you, asking her straight up is bold and ballsy.

Not only will she be impressed by your confidence, but you’ll now know either way and move forward based on that choice.

If you want to let her down easy though, asking her straight up could get her hopes up. So, stick with this option if you’re hoping for a positive outcome. If you’re worried your friend likes you because you don’t feel the same try to give her a more subtle hint, so she doesn’t feel so blatantly rejected.

You can tell her! Make it clear you’re interested in someone else, or even encourage her to go out with someone else. Unless she 100% makes it clear she is interested, you don’t need to embarrass her or yourself for that matter, in the case that you’re wrong.

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