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How to Tell If a Guy Doesn’t Like You?

One of the hardest things to do is acknowledge when he is sending you the “I don’t like you” signals. Here’s how to tell if a guy doesn’t like you.

Guys are mysterious creatures. Just when you think you have them figured out… no, wait, I haven’t ever thought I had them figured out. Although women notoriously get pegged as the mysterious gender, I would argue that guys are way more difficult to comprehend. Women typically just say what is on their mind. The only thing quizzical about us is that men don’t always like what they hear. That is why it is so confusing to know how to tell if a guy doesn’t like you.

1. He isn’t turned on by you. There aren’t many guys alive who can’t stop himself from showing his attraction when the time is right. Even if you aren’t the girl of his dreams, he can still show signs of arousal.

If, however, he isn’t showing any sign that you are doing anything to make his man parts tingle, then that is all the sign you need to hear “I don’t like you.” A guy can’t help his physiological response to stimuli. So, if it ain’t getting hard, don’t think long or hard about it-he isn’t into you.

2. He doesn’t answer your text messages. Don’t be fooled by what your best friend told you, if he isn’t answering your text messages, he isn’t playing hard to get. Guys aren’t that big into their phones.

But, if you text him and he likes you, then he might not answer right away giving you time to sit and stew awhile. If, however, he doesn’t answer you at all, that says that he is hoping you will give up and stop texting him altogether. No answer is a clear sign for knowing how to tell if a guy doesn’t like you.

3. He doesn’t touch you. If a guy likes you, he will find any opportunity to reach out and touch you. Whether it is putting his arm around you when you are scared or just brushing up against your body, when a guy likes a girl, he can’t wait to make contact.

If he hasn’t made any attempt to put his skin up against yours and has had ample opportunity, then you can safely assume that he probably doesn’t like you in a sexual way.

4. He doesn’t go the extra mile to meet you. If a guy always wants to meet you somewhere, then he isn’t trying to figure out where you live or find alone time with you. Sure, some guys have the limitation of no wheels. But, if it is a continual thing and he never wants to come by your place or even pick you up, then there is a good probability that he doesn’t really feel romantically for you.

5. He’s always too busy to hang out. If a guy doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, he is not going to want to see you cry or make you unhappy. So, what he will probably do is put you off so many times, that to him, it is quite obvious that he doesn’t like you.

Not being the kings of communication or confrontation, many guys will simply continue to say “no” to a woman until she literally gives up. If he is always busy, don’t buy into it. He isn’t that busy, he just isn’t interested.


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