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How to Tone up your Body without GYM

Love your body it is beautiful, here are the few tips for that perfectly toned body which every guy and gal craved for. Do these steps and without hitting the gym.

Eat and don’t starve

Make your meals up to 5 or 6 but don’t stop eating. This will make metabolism rate very slow. So, eat to the fullest.

Eat and don’t starve
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Switch your Carbs

Better carbs like Avocado, grains, pulses, fruits, a single slice of brown bread and veggies go for it and leave carbs like potatoes, pasta and white flour at bay.

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Drink water

Water is essential for our body and for toning also. Drink loads for fluids this will help in breaking the cellulose from our body.

Drink Water
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Some small Sprint

Short sprints for one or two minutes can work wonders for your body. It not only tones but gives the proper shape to the body.

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You are not going to gym but you can do skipping in garden or your balcony. This is the best toning exercise for your body.

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Go for Full Body Exercises

Apart from burning calories and fats from all over the body it also minimises the risk of injury to the body.

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Intense Work Out

Your workout Ladies should be short and full of energy and some studies have revealed that the short workouts of 10 minutes are more fruitful than longer work out of 45 minutes.

Work Out
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