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How to Tuck Non-Skinny Jeans Into Boots

Although skinny jeans are ubiquitously popular, some of us still have a real affection for flared or boot-cut jeans. That sometimes proves to be a problem come boot season. But contrary to what you might think, you don’t need to wear skinny jeans or even straight-leg jeans to wear your favorite pants with boots. With a little (OK, a lot) of trial and error, we’ve figured out the elusive trick to tucking the bulkier wide-leg jeans into a pair of cute boots.

Master this style hack, and it’s going to add a whole new depth to your fall and winter wardrobe.

What’s needed:

First, you’ll want to find a pair of boots that hit right below your knees or a bit higher. They should also be a little loose on your legs, in order to leave room for your pants to be tucked in.

As far as jeans go, if you opt for a pair that has some flare make sure they’re snug on your thighs and fitted at the knees. Otherwise, they’ll get all bunched up and baggy when you try to tuck them in, which definitely isn’t a good look.

Last but not least, grab some thin, high socks (or trouser socks) to slide over your pants to hold that fold in place. You’ll see what we mean shortly — don’t fret!

How to tuck it:

Step 1

Put on your slimmest pair of non-skinny jeans. Remember that the more fitted they are, the better.

Step 2

Roll up the leg of your jean, as shown in the photo below, to create a nice, clean cuff.

Step 3

Once you’ve created your cuff, transform your wide leg jeans into skinny jeans by pulling the extra material at the back of your leg out. Then fold it over, making a tight crease.

Step 4

If you don’t have socks (or if your boots are loose enough), you can roll up the leg of your jean again to hold that crease in place.

Step 5

If you do have socks, however, grab your thinnest, tightest pair and slip them up and over your jeans to hold the material in place. Your socks should be high enough so that they cover everything you’ve done so far.

Step 6

Next, pull on your boots, checking to see that no sock is visible if you chose to wear them.

Step 7

All done! Now you’re ready to hit the town in style.

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