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How to Turn Your Boyfriend On While Texting

Is your boyfriend getting flirty? Why not send him something spicy that makes him beg for more? But first, learn how to turn your boyfriend on while texting.

How to turn your boyfriend on while texting

Sexting is a great way to get your imagination going and playfully tease your boyfriend. Here are some ways to become a sexting pro.

1. It’s not an everyday event. It loses its charm if you’re sexting every day. Not that you don’t turn him on, you do, but you should using sexting as a way to tease him and make him run home to you. I wouldn’t recommend using it every day, use it as a way to shock or surprise him. Eventually, if you do this daily, none of you will find the excitement in it anymore.

2. Don’t always be naughty. You’re probably thinking sexting is all about being naughty, which is a decent assumption, but it doesn’t always have to be naughty. You don’t have you send him a nude or tell him all the dirty details. Though he’ll expect that, he’ll be even more surprised when you play nice instead.

3. Show a little boob. For you, they’re just boobs. For him, they’re heavenly pillows. If your goal is to sext, sending a boob pic is a 100% guaranteed way to achieve your goal. Men are visual, so if you send him a full body or boob shot, he’ll be drooling. Just make sure you’re sending it to someone you trust, or better yet, keep your face out of the shot.

4. Get burlesque. Though boob and body shots are naughty, you can add some mystery by taking a photo with your clothes on. Gasp! I know! Take a shot of your hand around your neck, with your teeth biting your finger, or a shot of your cleavage. You don’t have to be naked to be sexy. I mean, when you first met, you were most likely clothed… I think.

5. Keep the sext short. If you’re wondering how to turn your boyfriend on while texting, start by keeping your sexts short. No one wants to read an essay when they’re horny. This isn’t a textbook so keep your sext relatively short. That way they can quickly read it and have time to imagine it. If your sext is too long, they’ll be spending more time reading it than touching themselves.

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