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How to Wear Flats When You’re Under 5’2″

Being aware of little details like colour, cut, strap placement, and hemlines makes all the difference on a shorter frame, allowing you to look and walk taller. The hope is that by relaying these tips to you, you will be able to feel just as confident wearing a pair of flats as you do in a pair of heels.

Keep reading for our must-know tips on how to wear flats when you’re on the shorter side!

1. Wear Them With Cropped Pants

Wearing flats with long pants does nothing but drown a shorter frame. Cropped pants will create more space between your shoes and the bottom of your hem, making legs appear longer than they actually are.

2. Opt for a Nude Colour

Nude-coloured flats create a seamless transition from your leg to your foot, which, in a way, masks the real length of your leg. Think of it as an optical illusion of sorts.

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