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How Your Thoughts and Emotions Impact the Environment

We the humans are the God’s ultimate creation. The things that separate us from other animals and creatures are our memory, intellect and thought process. The environment that we see from our eyes is inside us. We are made of the same five elements which have created the whole world. We get results according to our actions/karma and our actions are controlled by our mind and our mind is full of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  The things we are seeing today and the situations which we are facing now are only because of our thoughts and ideas converted into actions.

                                         Face and body are reflections of the controlling mind

Whether you are happy or serious or worried or sad or nervous, your face and body reflect it automatically and the people surrounding you exactly can notice the state of mind you are in. They can see you and you can see their reactions and their state of mind. It is the most realistic example of how the thoughts reflect and judged by the people.

                                                  Impact of the place and people around it

For example, if you go to a place where people are arguing and trying to dominate the conversation, you can feel the uneasiness, inconvenience and the negative energy in that place. When you go to a party or social gathering or a place where people are greeting each other, you can feel a positive energy and friendly atmosphere.

A person is known by the company, friends, and habits he keeps. If a person is sporty and competitive by nature, that person will like the company of athletes and active people. If a person is introvert and reserved, he will stay away from talkative people or in case there is no chance to avoid such people, that person will listen to them, but will not try to participate in the communication.

                                                                     Act accordingly and be real

A feeling of optimism can open a lot of doors for you. A person in good mood can try to make others happy, while a person in bad mood can discourage or fight with people. Therefore, it’s good to react according to the situation. Have confidence in yourself. Do not judge yourself or the person sitting next to you. It is suggested to be in a positive frame of mind, regardless of the situation you’re in.

                                                       Understand the nature and environment

We the humans affect the nature and the natural creations like rivers, forests, climate, earth, soil, flora, and fauna. In exchange, nature reacts in form of volcano, earthquake, tsunami, global warming, disorders, diseases, and other calamities which devastate the mankind.

We can’t control our thoughts and emotions, but we can control our actions. Instead of polluting and degrading the nature, we should focus on making a better today and tomorrow. Instead of hurting people and the atmosphere and doing wrong things, we should correct ourselves and treat people the way we wish to be treated. That’s all.

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