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I am Bond, James Bond 007: Sir Roger Moore

My name is Bond, James Bond 007. Enough to give glimpses of the most epic and heroic character formed in the legends of cinema. Bond series is one of the most incredible movie series ever formed. Many actors have played this masculine role on the 70mm screen. Bond series is famous for its bond girls and sizzling and steamy scenes in the end of the movie. Apart from that those actor who lived the role of Bond also became legend. One of the legendary actors of bond series were Sir Roger Moore. He was an English actor born on 14th October 1927. He took over the role of Bond from Sean Connery in 1972 and made his first appearance in live and let die which was released in 1973. He holds the record of being bong for the longest period of time.

Sir Roger Moore
(Pic Source : Pinterest)

Born and brought in London as single child of George Alfred Moore, a policeman, and Lillian “Lily” Pope, Her mother was Indian origin.  His schooling happened during the Second World War and completed college from college of the venerable Bede at the University of Durham, but he didn’t graduate.  He was interested in animation but was fired from his job in early stage of job due to some minor mistakes. Apparently Hollywood was to get its Legendary James bond in him.

Roger Moore with Jane Seymour in his first Bond film Live and Let Die in 1973
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He started his career as model and did various print advertisements.  Like everyone he had to Struggle lot. He appeared in some television series. Worked with warner bros production for quite some time and one day became our favorite  James Bond.

(Pic Source : Livemint)
(Pic Source : Livemint)

He started a new era of Bond Movies  which made him popular among ladies and ended up marrying 4 beautiful and gorgeous ladies. At his time he was one of the classiest people on the earth. He holds tons of awards for his looks and versatile acting.

(Pic Source : Pinterest)
(Pic Source : Pinterest)

Lived a life of legend, was friends with some most prominent and influencers on the earth, hold records and but was still down to earth. He used to do lots of charity as well. On 9th march he was appointed as commander of the order of the British Empire and promoted to knight commander of the same order on 14th June 2003

Roger Moore and Jane Seymour, Promo Shot
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His life was never easy and nearly died when he was five because of serious illness. He was facing serious health issues from his early mid-age. He was diagnosed with portage cancer in 1993 and underwent for a surgery. Skin cancer was one of the issues which he was facing recently. Type 2 diabetes left him unable to drinking.

He finally found his peace and died from cancer on 23rd may 2017 as his family announced on twitter.

An era of legacy slept in peace. RIP

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