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Ice Cream Shops In New York City, NYC

New York has numerous ice cream parlours and also an Ice Cream Museum, which is one of its kind. In the each corner of planet one can find ice cream fanatics, who experiment with taste, flavours and the topping. We have chosen some of best New York Ice Cream Parlours for you.

Some of the ice cream parlours nearby:

  • 10 Below Ice Cream

Brothers Wilson and James Tam partner David Chen and they started to give rose shape curls of ice cream. The technique was amazing and it was to pour a cream over a super cool metal containers and then carefully scooping out the ice cream with spatula. It was inspired by the old Thailand technique for ice cream.

Famous flavours of the ice creams are Honey Boo Boo, Monkey Business (hazelnut, banana and chocolate syrup).

10 Below Ice Cream
(Pic Source:
  •  One Girl Cookies

One of famous version of ice cream these days is the ice cream sandwiches. It has Ney York’s best ice cream sandwiches, a place which is quite nearby. Whether it is cookie infused sandwiches or orea, it is heaven of taste.

One Girl Cookies
(Pic Source : thrillist)
  •  Davey’s Ice Cream

It was in the East Village and now it is in the East River, in the Old Williamsburg Creamery Space. The famous flavour of this place is Popcorn, now they are offering Whopcorn.

Davey's Ice Cream
(Pic Source : the new potato)
  •  Fort Glace Ice Cream

Nick Morgetersane made ice cream for the small shops before he grew big. The crossing of river has caused the recipes to be lost. Some of the famous ice creams of this place, nearby are basil and olive oil flavour and Meyer Lemon with Chocolate Chips.

Fort Glace Ice Cream
(Pic Source : yelp)
  •  OddFellows Ice Cream

It is situated in the 175 Kent, Brooklyn and it has been transformed from a ice cream shop to a ice cream sandwich emporium. The ice cream have become the speciality of this place and they have devoted a complete menu for this. They also have customised DIY ice cream sandwiches which offers a choice of flavour and crunchy toppings like oatmeal, spiced ginger and many more.

OddFellows Ice Cream
(Pic Source : OddFellows)

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