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Is this why Deepika Padukone managed to attend Padmavati 3D trailer launch?

Since Sunday, there have been multiple media reports suggesting that in an attempt to hog the limelight from her Padmavati co-stars, actor Deepika Padukone attended the launch of its 3D trailer a few days ago although the event was initially supposed to have only the producers. Deepika’s name was not there in the guest list and it came as a surprise for the mediapersons, when minutes before the event, they were informed that the actor, who plays the titular role in the period drama, would attend the press meet.
In fact, it has been reported that this did not go down well with both Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor, the other two lead actors. At the day of the trailer launch, Ranveer posted some cryptic tweets, which reports suggested insinuated that he was angry with Deepika.
“Saw #Padmavati 3D trailer last night! Holy smokes! It was jaw-dropping! Also 1st time I’m seeing myself in 3D so..! Hahaa! Pretty badass. Also stung by a Bee 4 the 1st time earlier today. Thought Id post a picture but then I was like I dont wanna make that Bee famoussss haha. In other firsts, it’s also the first day of the rest of my Life. Ok, now I’m done (sic),” Ranveer wrote in a series of tweets.

But now a source close to film has quashed these reports, saying Deepika’s shoot for the film got advanced by a few hours that left her with free time during the evening and hence she decided to come for the trailer launch. “Padmavati shoot was going on till a few days ago. All the actors had been shooting. On the day of the trailer launch, Deepika was supposed to shoot for her part in the evening. The invites for the trailer did not mention the cast because they were busy. But as Deepika’s shooting time got advanced, she had time in hand during the evening. Hence, she decided to drop by. Nothing was planned from her side like how it has been projected,” the source said.

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