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Islands to chill out

Whooshing waves, soft, smooth sands and whistling coconut palms that hide you from the sun perfectly. Whether you want to party on the beach, indulge in water sports or just realx and do nothing, these 3 Islands are sure to make you fall in love and say ‘Let’s Go!’

  1. Amelia Island, USA

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    Are you looking to waddle your feet in the sand or set sail into the sunset? Are you wanting to feel insular, without feeling cut off from the rest of the world? Do you want to feel solitary, yet serene, knowing you can find a bit of beach to call your own, but also can converge into the crowd? Amelia is that kind of a place… a combination of the luxurious and the minimal. Whether it is to dine or to dive, the island’s diversity will leave you feeling either fulfilled, or restored or both.

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  2. Maui, Hawaii, USA

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    Maui is multi-faceted. This second largest of the Hawaiian Islands is in every bit exciting. Whether it’s a crater you want to peek into, or swim under a waterfall, Maui has it. It’s not just about the beaches. It’s about gushing greenery, fabulous fauna, sensual sunsets or just silence and spirituality. Just make sure you don’t miss out on wearing one of the bright tropical shirts as you explore the island, you’ll want to blend into the colors, scents and all other tropical treats your mind can conceive!

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  3. Maldives

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    The former President of the Maldives once held an underwater cabinet meeting with his ministers. That just goes to show how unique the place is! Threatened by climate change, but determined to stay afloat, the Maldives are romance embodied. The islands are as perfect as typical tropical islands come, offering picture postcards such as: straw huts for dangling feet in water, supreme serenity of isolated islets, or just swaying sarongs under perched palms. What you’ll see there is definitely what you will not get anywhere else!

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