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Kareena Kapoor Pregnancy Photo-Shoot – Absolutely breathtaking

Kareena Kapoor is looking simply gorgeous during her maternity period. Only few weeks before her delivery it seems that she is absolutely enjoying her pregnancy time. From flaunting baby bump to becoming show stopper in the fashion show she is doing it all.

Kareena, who is expecting her first baby with beau Saif Ali Khan, is all set to welcome the little one. It is her third trimester and both are husband wife are elated with the feeling of being parents.

She is expecting her first child in December and by no means is that is stopping her.

She is working for her movies, for shoots and going to parties and looking absolutely glamorous and adoring at the same time.

When the news of her pregnancy broke, it appeared that she will take break from movies and shoots and have a holidaying time but she opt the tougher option. She did all….. In the recent photo-shoot she posed like a boss and indeed Kareena is a boss.

Kareena says being pregnant is not excuse for being lazy. Well taken point, Kareena. This in fact makes women superwomen and they want to work more and that implies on  Kareena also.

About the feeling of motherhood Kareena said that, “Everyone wants to know the answer of this. But this is an internalized emotion and can’t put this in words on what I am feeling and what I am going to feel. These things I have to experience myself, but the journey till now has been super excited.”

We wish all the best for both Saif and Kareena….

Some Photos From Pregnancy Photo-Shoot of Kareena Kapoor Go Through Slides

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