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Kick Day

The Second Day of Anti Valentine Week is Kick Day. Kick Day is on February 16th every year around the world. All heartbroken and betrayed in Love are welcome on Kick Day as they bash up and take out their frustration in best possible manner.

Some of the best possible benefits of Kick Day Is:

“Kick Parne Ka Ek Bahut Bara Fiada Yeh Hai, K Ache Khase Be_Aqal Ko Aqal a Jati Hy Saari Ashqi Mashooqi Nikal Jati Hy Do Din Pichware Ka Dard Nahi Jata”….

Though numerous other benefits are there but some of key is to hit the BUM really hard, remember your Kick Skills will be here dear….

So here are some of the “quotes” and “GIF” for the Kick day:

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#Oops!! What’s the kick…

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