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Kitchen Organization and Safety

1. Combat cross contamination

Have two cutting boards—one for raw meat, one for everything else. It’ll help separate uncooked meat juices (ewie) from raw fruit and veggies, keeping you and your family safe from cross contamination. If you’re extra ambitious, purchase two different colored boards so there’s no confusion.

2. Keep recipes clean

Display a recipe or cookbook from your kitchen cabinet with a pants hanger. It’ll keep the pages in sight and out of the line of oil splatters or counter spills. Laptop stands are another effective tool to elevate heavier cookbooks off your workspace.

3. Keep sponges dry

Use a binder clip (upside down) to keep a kitchen sponge upright so it dries faster and stays ick-free for longer. Decreasing moisture in the sponge means germs, mold, and stink have less of a chance to build up.

4. Put an end to slippery cutting boards

Place a damp (not sopping) dishtowel underneath a cutting board to keep it from slipping and sliding across the kitchen countertop.

5. Cover sharp edges

When storing knifes in a drawer, pop a wine cork on the tip. It’ll keep the knife from jabbing wandering hands, plus keep it from jostling around when a drawer is yanked open. The safest knife storage option is a block (which will also stave off blade dulling).

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