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KolKata Ki Haunted Places…Coz Darna Zaruri Hai…

Scare is part of life and most of us got terrified by night and when night engulfs the surrounding, we tend to get scarier as humans are positive with light and night is invisible and invincible. We feel we can conquer night but usually gets terrified.

“Aur agar bhagwaan ki kripa ho aur hum kuch aisi jagah par aa jaye, jo ki pehle se bhoot aur pichaas ke kabze main ho”

Aisi kuch jagah par hum aapko lekar jate hai..

Some of the places, which are absolutely haunted in Kolkata..

1. Hastings House – The Royal Calcutta Turf Club

This is an old residence of Governor General and after his name; the name of the residence is kept. Many residents say this place as the scariest place as they have seen a ghost of Warren Hasting’s visit in this house on every New Year’s Eve and all some have seen a pearl white horse running their on Saturday evening.

(Pic Source - Ghost Stories World)
(Pic Source – Ghost Stories World)


Kurseong a small picturesque town on the foot hills of Darjeeling, West Bengal. It has stories of ghost and murders and also it had story of a headless boy that roams in the Victoria Boys High School. The road between the Dow hill and the Forest Office is known as Death Road. Woodcutters have narrated a fearful story, which will give chills to your spine that they have seen a headless boy on the road and then he is quickly disappearing in the woods…

(Pic Source - ghoststoriesworld)
(Pic Source – ghoststoriesworld)

3. South Park Street Cemetery

As the name suggests, Cemetery are always scary and one which has many graves of the British officers and it was build in 1767. Although no ghost sightings are reported in this area but  a strange cold atmosphere is there at times and scariness is also there.

(Pic Source- Tripadvisor)
(Pic Source- Tripadvisor)

4. Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station

Metro stations are suicide spots also and a regular commuter knows this very well. One such metro station is Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station and this place is known to be haunted. Some people have reported to seen a shadowy figure during the last train and moaning of children too and when there is none.

(Pic Source - wanderingmark)
(Pic Source – wanderingmark)

5. Doll House of Kolkata (Putlibari)

Doll House or Putlibari of Kolkata has some notorious and haunting incidents and long ago this place was known for the babies and young women were bought for their lust. Now, one can hear cries and sounds of those babies and women who are long gone..

(Pic Source Source- TopYaps)
(Pic Source Source- TopYaps)

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