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‘Life’ Movie Review

IMDB Rating

7.4 out of 10

Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds, Hiroyuki Sanada and Ariyon Bakare

Direction: Daniel Espinosa

Genre: Sci – fi

Duration: 1 hour 43 minutes

Film Story: A six member crew discovers a most important discovery till now, that is finding life on Mars. But an alien rapidly evolves into a formidable and intelligent creature, putting the life of the crew at stake. This is a scientific thriller and horror film.

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‘Life’ Review: First of all, there are three questions that needs to be answered, firstly, how come the alien – which is just budding, emits green light?

Secondly, how this studio manage to get A grade actors, like Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds into this films and thirdly, how come this movie is so damn entertaining. The plot line of Life, is an old plot and how to reshape into a new and interesting scientific thriller and horror spree, is done well by director Daniel Espinosa. And it appears in the movie, the crew has done the job, extremely carefully but they are quickly outmatched by a quick learning being, ‘Calvin’

But the director and script writers don’t want to give it a philosophical turn to the movie rather they made this as a popcorn flick. Combined with the good actions and effects, the opening is completely claustrophobic. However, this thriller has some unexpected twists and turns, which will make you stand from your chair and even jump off it.So, the movie is worth watching as it has some of special effects along with alien effects in it.

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