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Love Compatibility between Zodiac Signs- Aries


As the first sun-sign of the zodiac, it is the strongest and always wants to take lead.They are known for their upfront and notable approach and also for being headstrong and impatient. Let’s see the best match, worst match and the wild cards for Aries.

Best Match

  • Aries – Gemini

The relationship is very vibrant and full of activity and vitality.They have a mutual thirst for knowledge and breaking into new heavens together. Sexually,Aries like to lead the way and Gemini is more than happy to succumb. Gemini always looks for new innovation in bedroom and ways to please Aries.

Aries – Gemini
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  • Aries – Sagittarius

This is one very energetic sign that can match Aries gusto .Both are social and active and their life is full of fun and energy.Both have a fabulous match in bedroom and their and the compatibility of other aspects is decided according to that.

Aries – Sagittarius
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  • Aries – Leo

They share the art of learning and later the spotlight together. It is highly compatible and energetic union. A great pair in bedroom and that is reflected in public life also and  both love adventures in bedroom.

Aries – Leo
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Worst Match

  • Aries – Virgo

Both are leaders and that is the reason for the clashes in both of them. Both have different types of sexual energies and both are two sides of poles. Virgo is patient and Aries is impatient

Aries – Virgo
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  • Aries – Capricorn

Both are leaders and have different ways of life and that is reason of clashes in them. Aries is spendthrift and Capricorn is frugal. Both fight endlessly and one is traditional and another is modern. No match

Aries – Capricorn
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  • Aries – Taurus

Both don’t even see each other eye to eye so much difference of opinions in them. For Taurus, money is priority and for Aries, money is like water .Aries never saves and Taurus looks for savings all the time.Money is topic of arguments for both of them. If they really want to live together then both have to solve the monetary issues first.

Aries – Taurus
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Wild Cards

  • Aries – Aries

What you can think? Two rams together and both of them are headstrong. It can be fabulous and full of energy but one need to lower down. It is that one likes to settle down and one takes the lead.

Aries – Aries
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  • Aries- Libra

They have strong connection initially but later it fades away. But the time spend in bedroom is full of pleasure as both are full of energy when it comes for sexual pleasure. But Aries is too demanding and that puts off Libra and the reason for on and off relationship.

Aries- Libra
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