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Magical Yoga Asanas For Healthy Body

Yoga is an ancient art based on the system of development for the body, mind and spirit. Yoga makes our body active and malleable. It also helps on improving our digestive system and also the hormonal systems.

In current stressed and busy life everyone wants to look fit and fine so they adopt the YOGA as a remedy. The main aim of yoga is the self-development and self –awareness. There are some activities in YOGA known as asana or we can call them yoga poses. Yoga is the key to health and some of the benefits of Yoga are discussed below :

Helps in reducing weight: – Yoga helps us in reducing the weight. When we practice asana, Kapal Bharti Pranayam, we can easily loose weight.


ASANAS for reducing weight:

  • Setu Bandh asana – Setu Bandh asana or we can say Bridge Pose asana. The correct posture of the asana is to lie on your back so that it gives a good stretch to chest, neck and spine; it helps in digestion and reduces the weight.
Setu Bandh asana
(Pic Source-Indian
  • Nauka chalan asana – Nauka chalan asana or we can say Boat Pose. It helps in reducing the fat from the abdominal area.
Nauka chalan asana
(Pic Source-Youtube)
  1. Stress Relief: – A few minutes of doing yoga during a day can gives a vast way to get rid of stress. By doing Pranayam and Meditation, everyone could get rid of stress in a effective way.

ASANAS for stress relief:-

  • Tadasana – Tadasana or can say tree pose helps in reducing stress and boost confidence.
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  • Bhujangasana – Bhujangasana or can say cobra pose this asana gives us complete relaxation to the body and keep our body calm.
(Pic Source-Yoga)
  1. Improve Immunity: – our system is the smooth blend of body, mind and spirit. Yoga can manifest as an ailment in the body. By doing meditations and adopting some breathing techniques we can smoothly improves immunity.

ASANAS for immunity:-

  • Dhanurasana Dhanurasana or bow pose it can be done by lying down on the mat it helps in improving the flow of blood and boost up the immunity.
(Pic Source-Yoga)
  • Ustrasana – Ustrasana or can say camel pose, this asana is done by sitting in Vajrasana. It helps our respiratory system to function in proper manner.
  1. Builds Muscle Strength: – strong muscles gives us a good look and by doing yoga we can build up our strength and improves our flexibility for our body.

ASANAS for muscle strength:-

  • Ardha Bhekasana – Ardha Bhekasana or can say half frog pose helps in stretching of shoulders and thighs.
Ardha Bhekasana
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  • Bridge Pose – Bridge Pose, this pose helps for the abdominal muscles and it only tones the lower back and helps to strength muscles.
Bridge Pose asana
  1. Builds our inner beauty: – By performing Yoga daily, we can look more youthful because it helps us in removing unwanted fat from our body and we can also get rid of toxins and debris that are deposited in our body.

    ASANAS for inner beauty:-

  • Uttanasana – Uttanasana this asana make blood flow into the face and gives us a glowing skin.
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  • Bharadvaja’s Twist – Bharadvaja’s Twist this asana helps in improving digestion and removes toxins from the body.
Bharadvaja’s Twist asana
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  1. Boosts up Energy Power: – The simple way to boost up the energy is taking deep breath and by doing this we will be also able to balance the energy levels.

ASANAS for boost up energy:-

  • Arm pumps asana – This asana stimulates energy flow from the spinal columns to the other parts of the body.
Arm pumps asana
  • Spinal flex or camel ride – This asana helps in releasing the blocked energy in the spine.
Spinal flex or camel ride yoga
(Pic Source-Youtube)

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