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Make Up With Your Girlfriend and Show Her You Truly Care

So you got in a fight. Big deal. It happens to every couple out there and it’s not the end of the world – or the relationship. It just means you have differing thoughts and opinions about something. If you don’t make an effort to figure out how to make up with your girlfriend, issues can arise.

But that’s not always as easy as it sounds. When couples argue, tension is on the rise and rational thinking doesn’t always find a place. Being able to make up after a fight and get back to a loving place can take time to learn.

How to make up with your girlfriend and keep your relationship healthy

If you truly want a happy relationship, then your goal should be a HEALTHY relationship. And that means knowing how to make up with your girlfriend in a way that not only keeps her happy, but in a way that also provides a learning opportunity for you as a couple. Here’s how to nail that down.

1. Take a breather. You’re no good to her if you’re heated and still angry. People do dumb things out of anger and you never want to do something you might regret simply because you’re in a fight.

So go take a break. Calm yourself down and then return to her when the two of you can actually talk things out. Being able to step away can also help you see things more clearly and help you think rationally about the situation.

2. Discuss the argument. And when I say, “discuss,” I mean actually sit down and talk about it like adults. No yelling. No slamming doors. You have to be able to talk about it in normal tones or else you won’t be able to make up with your girlfriend. So calm down enough to get to this level and then go to her.

3. Put your own thoughts aside while you listen. Let her explain herself. Just like you want to get your own thoughts out, so does she. She deserves the opportunity to tell you why she feels a certain way. So put your own thoughts aside as she does this so you’re not constantly putting her down even in your mind.

4. Acknowledge your part in the argument. Two people are always at fault for one reason or another. If you always claim innocence, you’ll never be able to make up with her. Acknowledge what you did and even apologize for it in order to make up with your girlfriend.

5. Apologize for anything harmful you did. And even what you said. There are things you may have did or said in the heat of the moment that’ll make it harder for you two to get back to a peaceful state. Apologize for the things you did wrong and just own up to them. It’ll help you get back on her good side.

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