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Makeup Mistakes You Need To AVOID

Makeup is a genuine art form, but with all things in life, practice makes perfect, and there’s usually a makeup fail or two on the way to perfecting your makeup skills. Sometimes your brows will be like distant cousins instead of sisters, or your face looks like it’s had a week on vacay when the rest of your body is five shades fairer – it happens to all of us! So, to set you on your way to Pat McGrath-like makeup skills, we’re exposing the top makeup fails that we’ve all experienced, and of course, how you can avoid them in the future.

1. Wearing the wrong shade of foundation

Choosing the perfect shade of foundation can be so tricky, and we’ve all got it wrong at some point. The lighting in the store may have made your foundation look flawless, but out in the sun, it’s a whole new shade of mismatch. To avoid this, always ask for a tester or try it and go back and buy it later, once you’ve experienced the foundation in natural daylight. Some foundation can also oxidize, which makes the shade appear darker when it mixes with the air – to check if it does, swatch a shade on the back  of your hand, and 30 seconds later, swatch the same shade next to it. If they both look the same, the foundation hasn’t oxidized, but if the old swatch looks darker, it means you may want to try a shade lighter to compensate for the oxidization. Choosing the right undertone for your skin tone is also so important.

Tip While testing out foundations at the store, it’s a common misconception that the back of your hand is a good place to test the product. However, your hand is not necessarily the same color as your face. Instead, draw a line from just above your jawline to your neck and blend the product out slightly. Leave it on for a few minutes and if you can, check it out in the sunlight. If you can hardly see it – it’s the one for you! Remember, your foundation is not just for your face, this can look mask-like – apply it to your neck and your ears for even coverage!

2. Over-doing the brows

We love a dramatic brow, but there is such a thing as ‘too’ much. Your eyebrows should be two shades darker than your hair color, which is what they would be naturally (there are exceptions of course). And, although we love an arch, our brows aren’t supposed to be ruler-straight. Also, bear in mind certain looks complement a stronger brow while others don’t, for example, a strong, smokey eye can look great with darker, more defined brows but they are a little overwhelming during the day. Although brunettes can generally get away with going slightly darker, if you’re blonde, jet-black eyebrows can look a little harsh and unnatural.

Tip: Try to keep it light-handed. Opt for a powder, gel or pencil that looks slightly darker than your natural brows and take the time to fill them in slowly. Start in the middle of your brow to define your arch and work towards your inner eye to give a natural effect. As your eyebrow hairs are usually more space towards your nose, don’t overdo the lines making them look too rectangular. A light hand is a right hand!

3. Failing to prep – is prepping to fail

Prepping your skin is the key to gorgeous makeup. You have to make sure that your skin is makeup ready or all your hard work won’t do your makeup any justice! Dry skin can make your foundation flaky, and oily lids can cause your eye makeup to smudge, which, after all that blending, is such a shame!

Tip: Prep! Make sure you’ve got clean skin to start with: Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize so that your products have something flawless already to work with. Use a primer that’s right for your skin type. Not only does the right primer create a smooth canvas for your makeup to grip on to, but they also protect your skin so after a long summer night, your face won’t suffer in the morning!

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