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MARS had Life: NASA Recently Found Prove For It

Mars was covered in water for longer than scientists previously thought.

(Pic Source : SpaceNews)

There is News from space to space lover. I bet it is enough to turn you on when I say MARS. Recently our scientist have found significant prove of water on Mars.

They said “they found that silica appears to have migrated between very old sedimentary bedrock and into younger overlying rocks.”

This mission was counted by NASA under NASA Curiosity Rover Mission. Their mission was to find out if MARS was ever habitable. Guess what, they succeeded in showing that Gale crater once held a lake with water that we would even have been able to drink, but we still don’t know how long this habitable environment endured.

Reports say that, “even when the lake eventually evaporated, substantial amounts of groundwater were present for much longer than we previously thought”.

“Thus, further expanding the window for when life might have existed on Mars.”

They are not clear however whether this groundwater could have sustained life.

Curiosity has travelled more than 16 km over 1,700 sols, martian days and has gone from the bottom of the Gale crater part way up Mount Sharp, in its centre.

Scientists are using all the data collected by ChemCam to put together a more complete picture of the geological history of MARS.

(Pic Source : SWNS)
(Pic Source : SWNS)

This photo is taken by NASA curiosity rover under its mission, which shows the halo-like rings of silica. It is believed that this have been caused by the presence of recent water on the surface of Mars.

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