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Mind blowing facts about Orgasm that you’d never imagine

1. Men’s and Women’s Orgasms Are Similar—but Not the Same. According to a research, both women and women go through each phase of the sexual response cycle, consisting of: desire (libido), arousal (excitement), orgasm and resolution. However, the timing is usually different for men and women.

2. You Won’t Get Your Best Orgasm in Your 20s. The world’s first app to be certified as contraception, women over the age of 35 engage in sex less frequently than younger age groups, however, they experience their best orgasm at age 36.

3. Women don’t need to have their vagina stimulated in order to achieve an orgasm. This can be done through anal stimulation, kissing, fondling of other body parts, and even (for a small amount of women) just by thought.

4. Orgasms can genuinely help with pain. Headache sufferers often find that orgasms help reduce their headaches.

5. Women experience orgasms watching gay movies and men get aroused watching female films.

6. According to a survey of adults aged 20 to 59, women have an average of four sex partners during their lifetime; men have an average of seven. Source: National Center for Health Statistics

7. Sex Lasts an Average of 5 Minutes. According to a 2005 study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, the average amount of time it takes for couples (the US, UK, Netherlands, and Spain) to climax is 5.4 minutes.

8. You can die from orgasms. Well… if there’s any one way to go, I suppose that would be it. Don’t worry though, this is incredibly uncommon.

9. Women can experience orgasms during workouts. With the right muscles constantly engaged, and maybe the help of some particular sitting positions (and a nice seat?) you can experience an orgasm.

10. Science can agree there is orgasm after death. Spinal reflexes can be triggered in dead people, a certain kind of dead person, however: a beating-heart cadaver. This is someone who is brain-dead, or legally dead, but they’re being kept alive on a respirator

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