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Mirza Juuliet : Movie Review

IMDB Rating

7.1 out of 10

Cast: Darshan Kumar, Pia Bajpai and Chandan Roy Sanyal

Director: Rajesh Ram Singh

More than the midway, the star crossed lovers to run and the main lead, Uttar Pradesh ki Juliet aka Julie is raped by her fiance, who considers her too hot. But big brother of Julie says that she is too hot in fact he doesn’t want to break alliance as it will lead to huge political gain.

This is normal procedure in the Cow belt is that to make a girl in the family as the sacrificial cow for personal gains and when she rebels, kill her, Family honour you know.

Mirzaa Juliet is a constant love hate saga and in the movie the main protagonists are not afraid of talking about the not much talked subject – sex. Pia Bajpai (Juliet) is more hotter version of Parineeti Chopra of Ishaqzaade.

But this movie is not about Hindu and Muslim love rift but the reason is the status of both the families.

Overall the film is very  well crafted and it has shown the apt of chemistry between Mirza and Juliet and Pia Bajpai is all over the place and she is not kind of a girl, you would like to invite to your daughter’s wedding.

The rebels against the laws, flamboyant storytelling and the loud colours, it all has been shown before but you can give this movie a chance.

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