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Moon Landing was HOAX, Film shows How NASA Faked it Perfectly

A recent video uploaded on Youtube, shows that NASA has faked the moon and it was only performed on Earth. It was filmed inside the ‘Apollo 11’ aircraft and it was a complete trickery played.

Claims say that the landing on moon never happened and video footages and images were staged, this is the biggest ever conspiracy theory that has swept the world.

All of us believe that, Neil Armstrong landed on moon at 20th July, 1969, but the fact is it is fake and the trick was created by NASA itself. Though NASA, is in complete denial mode as usual and says the landing happened and all the facts and figures are true.

But the narrator of the film shows that the all the astronauts were told how to make a fake footage and a mysterious person from behind was instructing them.

The video also points out the major thing that if you in the low Earth orbit then also you won’t be able to see whole Earth view, through the window. The film also claimed doubts about high quality colour video which was available during the aircraft.

(Pic Source:
(Pic Source:

The narrators says that the video is complete manipulation and one can see from it  that the Apollo 11 landing is faked by US.

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