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Most funniest excuses for a Leave

Going back home and sitting on the sofa with a pizza and Netflix is the very thought that comes in every ones mind while working. And we think about the possible excuses to leave right away.

So here are the most funniest excuses for a leave :

1. Stomach disturbance:

This is the most funny , stupidest and common excuse anyone can think of. But genuinely the possibility still be there because stomach disturbance can’t be controlled right.

2. Stuck in traffic:

This is also the most common excuse. And mostly not believable because many people follow the same route and bitching doesn’t stop you know.

3. Wife’s birthday:

This is an excuse, listening to which even your boss grants a leave right away. I hope you get it.

4. Relatives function:

Well this is the excuse that usually doesn’t work. Because your boss don’t give a damn to your relatives. So run your brains and think of some genuine excuse.

5. The maid didn’t show up:

Well this may sound legit to you but haha-No. Your boss don’t have to do anything with this and he or she will probably cut off your genuine leaves. So you better think of something better.

6. My gas cylinder got empty:

Seriously- people really give this excuse? You know, nowadays technology has developed a lot and there’s a thing called electronic stove which is used to cook food. Don’t thank me for this information!

7. Fell out of the bed and broke his nose:

It must be hurting right? Well it should! This is what your boss is gonna say to you. But yeah! This is kinda legit. You can’t go to work with a broken nose. Never.

8. Lost the car keys:

Public transport system is really good to travel and it saves fuel as well. So it’s somehow good that you lost your keys. Now drag your ass to work.

9. My wife is expecting:

Now this something believable. You have to be with your wife in such a crucial time to support her. So your boss might understand and grant you a leave.

10. Pest control:

Pest control can be done on weekends as well right? Or after work. Just sort you priorities okay!  And think of something more genuine.

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