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Muslim Rashtriya Manch, a functionary of RSS,asks for an investigation against Rahul Gandhi

17 days ago, a news flashed and again the great politician of our great country, was a part of a breaking news ( though he is politically irrelevant in the eyes of Indians). The matter of fact is that he met some of the Chinese officials at the time when India was on verge of waging a war on China and Indians were full of spite for the Chinese.

This modern era is of social and digital media and as per his reputation, gen x lost its calm and ruthlessly scorned him on social media. He got trolled a lot.

The question is what was his intention??? What was he planning ?? whatever it was, it became questionable when the Congress family first denied the meeting with Chinese ambassadors and ended up covering the mess.

It is hard to believe sometimes that Rahul Gandhi is the prime face of Congress, a great political party with its own history and reputation. Coming to the point, this news got more attention than any other related to crime or religion.

According to statements made by Mr. Rahul Gandhi, it was a regular protocol which he was following in order to be informed. Few of us could have believed in him that it might have been a part of international relation by oppositions, but again, new media reports stated that in that meeting there was another prominent person , “Robert vadra”. This guy is of his own league is grabbing a huge amount of attention. What a corporate person was doing in a political meeting? Was it a political meeting or a business trade??

Too many questions were raised. Mr. Rahul Gandhi was doing every thing despite answering these questions, covering up the whole mess. Almost all the Congress leader took a stand for him and I bow a respect in their name for supporting their clueless leader (I wonder who is more clueless).

Well!! whatever it was, a political strategy meeting for next Lok Sabha election, business meet or just an unofficial diplomat meet. It was all covered up well and now it is lost in the oblivion of reports as it always happens in Indian media.

Unlike everyone, there was one organization which didn’t forgot about it. They were brainstorming masses about the consequences of this meeting. They wrote a letter to the president, Muslim Rashtriya Manch, a functionary of RSS. The letter came from Dr. Gulrez Sheikh (national coordinator). He pointed out everything and we respect his initiative. He strongly asked for an investigation of all the things which happened in that timeline.

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