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Must-See Movies to Watch with Your Boyfriend

It’s not a big surprise that if Hollywood wants to earn big bucks easy they make romantic movies. After all, such movies are devoured by audiences, especially love-hungry and love-drunk women. However, there are the run-of-the-mill romantic movies, and those sear you and pull at your heartstrings forever. But that’s not why we wrote this. We lined up some of the best and easy-to-watch romantic movies to watch with your boyfriend.

No sappy tearjerkers, no drama, only fun and fast plots that even your boyfriend will not tire of re-watching.

1. When in Rome. If you believe in destiny and your boyfriend doesn’t, then watch this movie together. While this may probably still makes him think destiny  is cheesy and not for guys like him, at least you showed him what could happen if you believe in it.

If that still won’t cut it, at least you get to watch Josh Duhamel being his hunky self. You’ll hope your boyfriend gets the drift to be romantic, even if he doesn’t believe in love spells

2. 50 First Dates. So your boyfriend keeps telling you you’re so forgetful? Then hit the couch together, grab some popcorn, and watch this Adam Sandler flick. Enjoy the laughs you share, especially with the ever-present Rob Schneider in the cast.

This flick is about a playboy who falls in love with a girl with no short-term memory due to an accident. Now, it’s up to the guy to make the girl fall in love with him every day—just like what you want your boyfriend to do with you.

3. Along Came Polly. A perfect mix of quirky, funny, and unpredictability *well, sort of* from an unlikely pair: hot Jennifer Aniston and the comic Ben Stiller. This romantic comedy helps ease you into the many discomforts you go through early in the relationship. This movie shows how two very opposite people can still be attracted to each other and make things work.

4. Slumdog Millionaire. This movie is an undying testament to how game shows like Who Wants to be a Millionaire can change your life. Well, no. Seriously, this movie is one of those intelligently done films that breaks the mold with their casting choices.

This story shows a boy in the slums and his journey to being part of the infamous game show, surprisingly winning it, and winning his beloved’s heart. Overall, a great movie if you and your boyfriend want to also have intelligent conversations on socioeconomic issues and Hollywood.

5. Love and Basketball. If your guy is a basketball fan, then he’d probably not whine if you make him watch this. Or at least, he’ll try to be interested. The underlying sports theme is actually pretty decent when it comes to enticing the males, plus the movie is sweet and mushy enough for the ladies, making this flick a win-win.

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