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My Romanticism with Maggi Noodles

I am not a noodle freak, but when you are in hostel, maggi is a saviour and those mid night study breaks, making butterwali maggi and a coffee is truly a gastronomic delight.

Almost everyone, once in their lifetime had this experience, though maggi has much more to offer as in the case of recipes.

Today, we are discovering the hidden recipes of Maggi, which can be easily made at home.

  • Hostel Wali Maggi

First is the Hostel Wali Maggi along with Coffee. The recipe is simple, 2 minutes maggi and dollops of butter and then coffee or maybe tea.

(Pic Source – Khurki)
(Pic Source – Khurki)
  • Maggi Noodle Soup

Again simple recipe, in which you just need to chip in veggies, finely diced and it should be bit soupy.

(Pic Source – the brunette diary)
(Pic Source – the brunette diary)
  • Cheese Maggi

Make your 2 minute noodles pack along with taste maker and again the texture has to be soupy. After the maggi is cooked, add shredded cheese on the top of  it.

(Pic Source – Mens XP)
(Pic Source – Mens XP)
  • Maggi Pakoras

Prepare maggi in 2 minutes, keep the texture dry, cool it and then add chickpea flour and masala. Deep fry those maggi pakoras or maggi dumpling in a hot wok and then serve with a green chutney.

(Pic Source – choprella)
(Pic Source – choprella)
  • Maggi Burger

In this the flat burger breads using maggi noodles, the maggi made in this process is dry and sticky and moreover the flat buns are prepared like burger buns. You can chip in tikki or a poached egg, the burger is slightly complex at the first make, then after couple attempts you will be well versed.

(Pic Source – fried chillies)
(Pic Source – fried chillies)
  • Leftout Maggi Sandwich

When maggi is left in a packet, sometime without masala too, then what to do. Let’s make a sandwich of that left over maggi. Boil maggi and keep it dry, then chip in oregano, chili flakes, salt and pepper.

On the other hand, toast couple of slices of brown or white bread and spread a generous amount of butter and top up with maggi, you made earlier. You can also sprinkle some grated cheese or ketchup or even a cheese slice and your ultimate taste buster sandwiches are ready.

(Pic Source - mensxp)
(Pic Source – mensxp)

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