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Nagpur Rail Rats are Behind 25 Kg Marijuana! Is this Real

Looks like India is heading nowhere and the main thing is that, we have to be abreast with the latest events around the world.

On the social media, what we see usually are the half naked girls for (GUYS) or shopping sales and what not.

But have you recently seen in Nagpur what happened, the store of 25 Kg Marijuana and liquor is stolen and the courtesy: Nagpur’s Maal loving rats.

(Pic Source – Story pick)
(Pic Source – Story pick)

In the news, Nagpur Government Railway Police (GRP) has blamed the rats for the curious missing case of 25 Kg of Marijuana.

(Pic Source – times of India)
(Pic Source – times of India)

According to the police, ’we don’t have proper storage facilities for seized items, and we are at times forced to keep the drug on the floor, and maybe some rats have been damaging the pouches in which the marijuana is kept.’

One more interesting thing is that the Nagpur Police says that damage could be done to the liquor bottles also. The rats have damaged the liquor bottles and this caused the damage to the bottle, forcing the alcohol to evaporate. This again, is the damage, and the amount of drug and quantity is difficult to know as the confiscation happened around 5 years ago.

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