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Nenorakam Movie Review

Movie:  Nenorakam

Rating: 3/ 5

Director: Sudarshan Salendra

Music Director: Mahit Narayan

Starring: Sairam Shankar, Reshmi Menon, Sarath Kumar

Hero Sai Ram Shankar is managing to get a one good hit, in his movie career and his movie Nenorakam, has finally hit the screens. Let’s see how the movie performed.

Story: Gautam (Sairam Shankar) is a loan recovery agent and he is trying to woo Swecha (Reshmi Menon) and finally succeeds. But the twist in the movie, when Swecha gets kidnapped and he has to do different crimes in order to save his girlfriend.

(Pic Source - tollywood)
(Pic Source – tollywood)

Movie Review: The first half of the movie is quite bland as compared to the second half. And the songs are pretty good but sadly it is not well placed. Prithvi’s comedy looks forced and when the comedy is taking some action, three songs are forced in.

Positivity the second half of the movie, where the main drama takes place and the entry of Sarath Kumar and the decent drama looks good, with his stunning acting style.

Overall, Nenorakam, is better film, when compared to the previous works of the Sairam Shankar, and the second that comprises of kidnap, drama are the assets of the movie but the first half is below par. If you sit through the complete film, then after the mundane initial part, the movie is a decent watch.

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