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Nice Things to Say to Your Best Friend to Brighten Their Day

Being a best friend is a huge obligation. It isn’t just about lending an ear, but about being that one person who knows the nice things to say to your best friend to make them feel loved, less alone, and let them know that they are someone important to you and the world.

Saying nice things out of the blue is like a little love tap from afar. Everyone needs to feel loved and appreciated. So, be that bestie that makes your bestie feel both.

1. That color is totally all you. If she wears it well, let her know. Lipstick, outfit, whatever brings out the sunshine in her, yellow, or not, let her know she shines brightly.

2. That guy was totally digging your chili. Old phrase but a good one. If you see a guy who crushes on her, let her know. It makes her feel good. She might not notice that he is into her. And who knows, he might be “the one.” Being a bridesmaid totally rocks!

3. Did you lose weight? Cheesy, but if she looks slender, make her day!

4. I don’t know how I would make it without you. If she is the one you call in good times, and, especially bad, then let her know. She isn’t obligated to be everything to you. She does it because she loves you. So, let her know you know and appreciate it.

5. You make me smile. It is that simple!

6. No matter how much I need you, you never let me down. If she is the one who never, ever disappoints or lets you down, that is something to share with her. And, also let her know that you are, will, do, and be the same for her.

7. You blessed my life when I met you, and you continue to daily. We only get to meet so many people that bless our lives. If she is one of them, let her know she is an angel for putting up with your shit.

8. You’re like the bestest best friend ever. BBFF all the way baby!

9. We should totally be Thelma and Louise. Okay, old reference. But, if you don’t know what that is, you should totally watch it with your best friend for a good time.

10. You’re not my wing woman, you are my wings. Awww, now that is something to make any best friend feel amazing.

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