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North Korea Ready for War With US

What role China will play in the war?

The rogue nation is all armed with the nuclear arsenal and will launch them if provoked further.

On Tuesday, North Korea conveyed the report in the Parliament that United States and South Korea are conducted the biggest military exercises till now and USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier is heading to North Korean Peninsula to show the American strength. It has warned the catastrophic consequences if US will provoke them further and also united threat of unspecified unilateral actions.

Whereas US President has said on twitter that he would solve the problem even if China did not provide any help in exerting the pressure on its neighbour.

(Pic Source : Metro)
(Pic Source : twitter)

Furthermore, last week air striking is also a warning against North Korea and Donald Trump said that it can act alone if China failed to exert pressure on its neighbour.

White House also hinted at all the options like pre emptive strikes – remained on the table which was in response to the North Korean development of the advance missile which is capable of carrying warhead as far as US.

The presence of  USS Carl Vinson’s presence shows that North Korea is preparing to conduct a 6th nuclear test along with the 105th anniversary of it’s founder Kim II Sung, on Saturday.

Meanwhile, China’s foreign ministry has played down the reports of deploying 1,50,000 troops with its border at North Korea.

(Pic Source : Reports Afrique News)
(Pic Source : Reports Afrique News)

In the recent update Japan send it’s forces to join the fleet of US as tensions rises furthermore.

China says it is committed to denuclearized North Korea and it is it’s only aim.

Now, we all have to keep our fingers crossed and wait for decisions of the biggies.

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