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Observations about Judgmental People

Are you having a hard time dealing with a judgmental person and their negativity? These experiences and 5 lessons can help change the way they affect you.

We all experience judgmental people in our lives whether it be a boss, co-worker, family member, friend, partner or perhaps, a passing stranger.

But whether we choose to dwell on their negativity and critical outlook is completely up to us. But more on that point later.

There are a few things that are important to realize when you are faced with a highly judgmental person, and a few ways that you can deal with their critical points of view.

1. They are the ones with the problem. As much as judgmental people would like you to believe that everyone else is the problem, and they are near perfect, we can see the flaw in that argument.

Judgmental people are critical of everything. Whether people or things, their opinions are focused on purely negative aspects, and fail to see much that is amazing.

This judgmental and hypercritical point of view comes from deeply rooted personal insecurities and unhappiness. Judgmental people feel extremely vulnerable about their own lives, and thus, prey on the people around them in order to feel better about their own situation, or self.

2. They lack empathy. Judgmental people are not only insecure, but often lack large amounts of empathy. Highly judgmental people don’t have the ability to understand, and share another person’s feelings.

They are not able or willing to see the world through another’s eyes and therefore discredit anyone else’s beliefs, choices, fears, and opinions that differ greatly from their own.

They don’t realize the pain or offence they may cause someone by one of their judgmental comments, or perhaps they just really don’t care.

3. They fail to see there are multiple perspectives of the world. Highly judgmental people often fail to see that there are many ways of looking at the world, and everything in it. This inability to see diversity causes much of their judgment.

Judgmental people don’t recognize that there are many right ways to perceive parts of our world. Instead, they believe there is only one true answer to any question. This allows them to believe they are right in judging other people who don’t share their same beliefs, or opinions.

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