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Obvious Signs She Has a Crush on You & Is Waiting on You to Act

1. She’ll laugh at your jokes. It is an immediate reaction women have, to smile at a guy they have a crush on, even if it’s just a physical connection. And humor is a great way to bring out that grin. So if you make a joke or tell a funny story and she laughs, she may like you, at least a little.

2. She’ll blush. Just like you, women blush when nervous or just in the presence of someone they like. If her cheeks build a rosy hue around you, you’re in luck.

Do watch out though that what you’re seeing isn’t just makeup. If she always has a rosy glow, that isn’t a flush of nerves. But if you see it pop up when you give her a compliment, that is a surefire sign.

3. She will try to get close to you. Whether you share a group of friends or an elevator, if she repeatedly tries to get close, she may have a crush. That includes sitting next to you at the movies *when in a group*, snagging your side at a party, or standing closer than needed.

When attracted to someone, even at the level of a crush, your body wants to be closer to them. It is almost like a magnetic force. So be on the look out.

4. She may put more effort into her looks. Not to say that women only do their hair or makeup for men, but if you noticed she adds a touch of lipstick or perfume when she knows you’ll be around, that may be a tell tale sign.

If you  smell a floral essence coming from her or some vanilla fragrance wafting from her hair, she may have a crush on you.

5. She teases you. Teasing and flirting go hand in hand. And just like pushing someone on the playground in grade school was a sign you liked them, this is the adult version. If she teases you for your style, taste in entertainment, she may have a crush.

Pushing someone’s buttons just a little gets under their skin. It is a way to grab someone’s attention and interact without it getting too serious. It is a go-to flirting strategy. So it is definitely one of those obvious signs she has a crush on you.

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