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OMG – Glass Beach is made of Empty Vodka Bottles

We always mistreated Mother Nature, but nature forgives us and we are like a mischievous child, who has lost the way of wisdom and in return gives it perils to us.

One such miraculous incident happened in Ussuri Bay , now known as Glass Beach, it has glass artifacts, lined for us , which are glisten with sunrays like a colourful gems. During Soviet Era, there was a tradition to dump all empty bottles of Vodka in Ussuri Bay, while this practice was harmful and most of us won’t like to follow this practice.
But it continued and nature, presented a beautiful creation before us, which dazzled our eyes, that one larger than life force is ruling us. The work was started by North Pacific Ocean, which crushed them into smaller pebbles and later they were solidified into colorful, shining pebbles..
The coast is now known as Glass Beach, which was once considered dangerous, as the crushed glass was lying all over the place but now it is a sight to see.

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Glass Beach – Once termed as Dangerous

Source- Bored Panda

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