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People Hate New Whatsapp’s Update

It was terrifying morning for everyone who were using Whatsapp as everyone in your friend’s list, can see your status update. Now, you can also upload videos and pictures and latest status is visible to all, so now it is,”Good bye “to simple text messages.

But what is so terrifying is, it is so many parents are using Whatsapp and it is more of a “Homely App” unlike Instagram and Snapchat, though the last two are more famous globally but Whatsapp is more “Ghar ki App”. So, now your parents are also eyeing your status as the notifications for it is coming.

The status update feature lets the users to update photos, GIFs and pictures with drawing or emoticons but only for 24 hours.

Users responded in a hateful manner, as they are not happy with this “Status Update Feature”.

Some awesome reactions on New Whatsapp’s version Update are as follows:

(Pic Source : Twitter)
(Pic Source : Twitter)
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