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Proposing to your girlfriend, most often than not, can be quite a tricky and anxiety ridden situation. While we won’t be able to help you in other departments, we sure can suggest some dazzling places in India to propose.

Go beyond the regular candle light dinner; profess your love on the highest motorable pass in India or on a starry night in the desert, enchant her with a hot air balloon over the breathtaking wilderness or in an open air Jacuzzi facing the mountains. If nothing else, you would at least be applauded for your ingenuity (which might want her to reconsider into a yes)!

1. In a hot air balloon over Ranthambore National Park

Snowmass hot air balloon festival by messycupcakes copy

A great romantic place where it would be difficult for your girlfriend to say ‘no’ is in a hot air balloon that floats away over the majestic Ranthambore National Park. As she is busy enjoying the beauty of nature with clusters of green below, the open blue skies above and wondering about the loveliness of life, you can pleasantly catch her off guard with a proposal. And since she is stuck with you mid-air for some time, there is no evading the answer.

2. On a yacht enjoying the sunset in Goa

Sunset by Speedboat by Eustaquio Santimano

There is something about Goa. The winsome beaches, hippie vibe and crazy nightlife set the air of cheerfulness. You can take advantage of that and set off on a peaceful and romantic yacht cruise in Goa. Enjoy the sweet solitude with just each other for company. As the sky breaks into a mesmeric view with sunset, pop the question. Break into a song too, if you desire! It would be hard to say no in such lovely settings.

3. In an open-air Jacuzzi of a luxury resort in Munnar / Wayanad

Vythiri Village Resort1

You can treat your beloved to a Jacuzzi experience. And not the regular one! Opt for an open air Jacuzzi of a fancy luxury resort in Munnar or Wayanad that spells class and romance. Not only will the magnificent view of the nature teamed with the pampering of the tub mellow her, but she will also be proud that you did not mind shelling out the money for this special occasion.

4. Being surrounded by mountain ranges in the Himalayas

Rangdum. by Prabhu B Doss copy

If she is the adventurous types and has a fancy towards snow, it can’t get better than a proposal in the Himalayas. Being surrounded by snow-capped mountains and breathing in the crisp air, brings in its own allure and makes for a worthy remembrance. Also, the freezing weather may just want her to cuddle closer.

5. In the middle of Dal Lake in Srinagar

Colors in the sky by Soumyadeep Paul copy

Your girlfriend’s a Bollywood buff? She is sure going to dig a proposal in this ‘Jewel of Kashmir’.   After all, there is a reason why actors would break into a song at Dal Lake when they had to woe their love interest. Steeped in nature’s beauty, this water body transports you into a dream world of clear waters, carpet of Lilly pads and cotton candy clouds. The whole setting is simply soaked in romance.

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