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President to Approve Jallikattu , PM Modi Tweeted in Support

Indian PM Narendra Modi said that all the efforts are being made for the restorations of the cultural festival of Tamil Nadu – Jallikattu. He said he is working his best, a day after an ordinance or executive order was passed by the State. This ordinance will allow the bull taming event in Tamil Nadu which takes place around Pongal.

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This ordinance is further send to President Pranab Mukerjee for his consent and approval, this was in wake of the huge protests that were taking place in Tamil Nadu and prominent actors like Rajnikanth, Mahesh Babu and Kamal Hassan has extended their hand of support for the continuation of this bull taming festival in held in Tamil Nadu. They all want that the ban should be lifted from Jallikattu

In the wake of this PM Narendra Modi tweeted, “We are proud of the rich culture of Tamil Nadu.”

Jallikattu was banned by Supreme Court in 2014 as according to Animal Rights activists , in this festival, bulls are tortured , taunted also chilies thrown in the eyes and lastly they are doped. But according to people of Tamil Nadu, this is not correct as the outsiders don’t know about the cultural significance of the festival.

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So, lakhs of people protested in which they wanted to defy the ban imposed on this cultural festival – Jallikattu – which takes places around Pongal.

Now the play is between Centre, State Government of Tamil Nadu and Supreme Court and how they will lift the ban, which will mark the  cultural comeback for people of Tamil Nadu.

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