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Pretty Girl Swag: What It Means to Have It & Why It’s a Good Thing

Why having “pretty girl swag” is a good thing

A woman who carries herself with a sense of confidence is a woman that should be admired. It is always so easy to diminish our own worth, because it is difficult to acknowledge our strengths. Self-confidence is a skill that you work to achieve, it’s not simply handed to you in a box wrapped in ribbon.

It took me years to feel comfortable in my own skin, and some days are still difficult. The process isn’t linear. Some days are good, and some days are still bad.

A woman with pretty girl swag, is a woman confident in who she is, and where she comes from. She is a boss.

1. A woman with pretty girl swag is bold. In 2018, if you haven’t taken advantage of your right to be bold, now is your time to do so. The women before us fought for the right for us to be unapologetically bold and not just so we can bake bread for our husbands that work hard to bring home the money.

Make waves, ladies. To have pretty girl swag means to be yourself through and through, and to not apologize for your existence. Something we could all benefit from doing.

To have pretty girl swag means to know what you want, and to stop at nothing to get it. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? Imagine having everything you’ve ever dreamed of sitting in front of you. Having pretty girl swag leads you to this lifestyle.

2. Pretty girl swag means you are wise. Again, need I remind you what year it is? Women are smart. The secret is out; you don’t need to hide it anymore! Read books, get master’s degrees, become doctors and lawyers, you owe it to the women before us who society didn’t allow to do those things.

Nobody will fool you, nobody will try and undermine you. You are smart, and you are wise.

3. You must also remain respectful. Remember the “cash-me-outside” girl? Okay, well prior to understanding how fantastic pretty girl swag really is, that’s who I envisioned as having this character trait. I think we’ve heard this term used in such a negative sense for so long that we associated the wrong feelings with it.

Contrary to popular belief, pretty girl swag means to be respectful. A woman with this trait rises to the top, but she does it without degrading those below her.

In other words, treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO. This attitude goes a long way.

4. You are confident in yourself and your abilities. You’re a strong and capable woman, I think we’ve already determined this, right? You walk into any room and take control of any situation that arises. Your peers respect you, and your opinions, because once again, you are wise.

You know what you are talking about, and you have no doubt in your ability to express your feelings or knowledge on a particular topic.

Nobody dares disrespect you, because you always respect them. You are untouchable; you have pretty girl swag.

5. Pretty girl swag means to be sexy, but graceful. To be alluring, one must remain interesting. You must leave something to desired. Be sexy and fun, but carry a sense of modesty with you wherever you go.

The sexiest thing a woman does is seduce a man with her clothes still on. Remember this when trying to tune into your own pretty girl swag.

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