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Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay Smriti Manch took a vow of warning people about plastic.

Plastic is useful and harmful altogether. There are various campaigns led by numerous organization, but in the end, impacts of those campaigns are nothing but a big zero. Pandit Din Dayal Upadayay Smirti manch took a vow of warning people about plastic.

Supporting this initiative, social intellectuals took part and joined hands with them. All of them took a pledge of making this initiative a success. National General Secretary Shri Nirmal Vaidya gave responsibilities to these people. State Organizing Secretary Swasti Tripathi honored party delegates.

State president Dr. Gauri Srivastava, and vice state president Shreemati Malati Mahajan shared their views with the visitors. Mr. Kamal, Mr. Prashant Sharma, Mr. Vinod Bhasin and Sanjay Bali were delegated as vice president of the organization.

One of the most important responsibilities of #women’s cell was given to Nita Bhasim as president and vice president Seema Agrawal, including Priya Sankala, Shalini Gupta ( founder of  LikeWike), Jyoti Mishra and Seema Baba.

Md. Khalid took responsibilities related minorities. Atul Sinha, Vinod Tripathi, Kuldeep Rajpoot as media-in-charge and Manoj Tripathi as media spokesperson.

Youth is important so, it went under the capable hands of Anupam Anand Jha and Vikas Goswami as President and Vice president respectively. Mr. Amit Chawala and Kshitiz Maheshwari were designated as youth secretary.

All of this happened under the administrative head of National President Shri Vinod Shukla and State Secretary Shri Anand Mani.

Apart from announcements of designation, all these people took a vow of making this initiative a success. Making sure, that their, actions come up with a difference in the society in the name of nationalism.

As per information shared to us by  Swasti Tripathi ( State Organizing Secretary)

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