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Qualities of a Good Friend: 5 Things They Do That Set Them Apart!

Yeah, you may know your friend for years, but if you’re not getting anything out of the relationship, what’s the point? It’s time you refreshed your memory and remember the qualities of a good friend. You should be checking these off your list.

1. They actually listen. Okay, I know sometimes we’re glued to our phones when our friends tell us a story, I get it. But if your friend never looks up from their phone when you’re talking and simply replies with “Yeah, cool” that’s not a friend. A friend takes the time to actually listen to you, no matter how many times they’ve told you this story.

2. They support you. Why else do we have friends, like seriously? As a friend, you have your friend’s back when they walk through hard times. If they get wasted, you carry them out of the club and take them home. That’s a real friend.

3. They accept your flaws. Your friend probably sees all your bad sides, and you know what, they’re still around so they accept your flaws. This is actually the best way to see if your friend is an actual friend. They’re not only around you when you’re on your high, they’re also there when you act like a complete asshole.

4. You talk about the dirty things. The personal shit in your life that you wouldn’t share with the old lady sitting next to you on the bus. Your real friends should be able to listen to your personal and intimate thoughts without judging you or posting it on Facebook. The time you shit your pants, remember that? Yeah, so do they, but they kept that to themselves.

5. When you’re down, they make you smile. They know you like the back of their hand, so when you’re down in the dumps, they know exactly what makes you smile. You guys have inside jokes and crack up laughing just by glancing at each other.

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