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Quick Valentine’s Day Cocktail For your Love

What’s your plan for the Valentine Day evening, Netflix movies cozily cuddled in the bed, a candle lit dinner in balcony or beach.
Let’s have the imagination fly and have seven absolutely amazing Valentine’s Day Cocktail. Choose and tell which one, is for your sweetheart…

  1.  Soft Love:

As the name suggests, so does the color – pink hue, a complete softy cocktail for you. Fill half of ice cube shaker with ice and then add 20ml of Raspberry Vodka and heavy whipping cream. In last, add one spoon of rose syrup and serve chill.

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(Pic Source: Witty Feed)

2. Robin’s Nest:

This is a pure delight for chocolate lovers; the preparation is extremely simple, fills the shaker with ice cubes and adds melted white chocolate. Next add 10ml of chocolate liqueur, 5ml white chocolate and 30ml cranberry juice. Shake well and serve.

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(Pic Source: Witty Feed)

3. Flirty V-Day Drink:

For this, you need Vanilla Vodka and strawberry juice. Shake well and pour in the glass of your choice, garnish with rose petal and enjoy your evening.

(Pic Source: Twitter)
(Pic Source: Twitter)

4. Kiss on the Lips Drink:

As the name suggests, this drink is also a lip lock of taste. Blend in mango and ice into a smooth mixture and then layer your glass with rose syrup and dash of Vodka in it. Garnish with pineapple slice and cherry.

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(Pic Source: Mix That Drink)

5. Scarlett O Hara – Beauty of the South:

This is a tangy cocktail drink, which is a mix of 60ml whiskey with lime juice, in a shaker and ice. Add 200ml of cranberry juice and strain into the cocktail glass. The tangy drink is at your disposal.

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(Pic Source: Crazy Kitchen Mom)

PS: the measurement is of multiple servings..

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