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Quiz – What Color is Your True Personality?

Personality refers to the individual differences in aspect of thinking, feeling and behaving. The structure of the personality also includes what it has given its strength to and also the powers that have been expressed in it. It is a personal indication of embodied labour.

In Today’s life everyone wants look more smarter. Colors tells us about the physical, mental and emotional states.

Is Personality and colors matter?

Yes it matters a lot…


Red color is the color of passion it signifies positive attitude, enthusiasm and strength. Mostly it often used to express Love. One more trait of people who are loving red colour is that they are optimistic and extrovert.

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(Pic Source – Colour Discovery)

Blue color brings the positive affects to our mind and it is the favorite color for both men and women and blue color signifies the Peace and Serenity. One more fact is that these people are reliable, conservative and trustworthy.Indigo colour people can better be call as family person as they love to be surrounded by family and closed ones.

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(Pic Source – Colour Discovery)

Green color is the color of nature and it signifies stability, down to earth and very practical person. Green also signifies that a person loves harmony and brings happiness around. One is kind , generous and tries to take adverse situation under his or her control.

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(Pic Source – Colour Discovery)

Yellow is the color of clarity and it signifies original thoughts and helps in decision making.People who like this color are very adventurous and have good intellectual persona.

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(Pic Source – Kirkinews)

Violet color is the color of inspiration and it used to symbolize magic and mystery. The people, who love violet, are creative and idealist.

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(Pic Source – Colour Discovery)

White is the color for Simplicity and Purity. It signifies protection and encouragement. One more factor, that connects is the likeness of neatness and hygiene conscious.

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(Pic Source – Gambarmania)

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