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Rarest And Tastiest Fruits In The World You Probably Haven’t Even Heard Of

Fruits are one of the tasty, healthiest and nutritious food which you can add to your daily diet. There are many rare and nutrient fruits available in the world some are sweet and some are sour in taste. We eat all the fruits which are commonly present in market like banana, mango, grapes, apple and pineapple etc but  there are many rare fruits which are not available in the market because they grows under some specific conditions like soil, climate…

Here we have some Rarest Fruits which you probably haven’t even heard of:

  • Mangosteen

The mangosteen fruit is associated to Indonesia and also found in few countries of South Asia. The fruity part is packed inside a small shell in triangular shape.  Mangosteen fruit contains vitamin C which help to prevent many infections. Mangosteen juice is one of popular drinks in South Asian countries in the summer season and it help to reduce diarrhea, urinary problems.

Mangosteen Fruit
(Pic Source : themysteriousworld.com)
  •  Durian

Durian Fruit is also known as ‘king of fruits‘ across South Asian countries, only few species of this fruit exist today. This fruit is associated with Indonesia and Malaysia. Drink of durian is free from cholesterol and other fatty acids. It offers instant refreshment as it contains simple sugars. This fruit is also used for the preparation of ice creams, sweets, and shakes.

Durian Fruit
(Pic Source : teninsider.com)
  •  Jabuticaba

It’s a rare purple color fruit associated with Southeastern Brazil. Jabuticaba grows on the trunk of its tree. This fruit looks like grapes but has tougher skin. Jabuticaba is mainly used in baked products like jams and wines. It is effective to heal diarrhea and asthma.

Jabuticaba Fruit
(Pic Source : Themysteriousworld.com)
  •  Ackee

It is the national fruit of Jamaica and associated with Western Africa. Fruit has brain like shape and edible part of the fruit is white to yellow in color and has black seeds. The fruit is free from cholesterol and other fatty acids but the seeds contain hypoglycin which is poisonous in nature that’s why this fruit is banned in US.

Ackee Fruit
(Pic Source : Teninsider.com)
  •  African Horned Cucumber

This is the oldest fruit in the world and originated 3000 years ago in Africa. It has spines like horns. The outer shell of this fruit is rich in vitamin C. This fruit helps to get relief from kidney, urinary problem and to regulate blood pressure.

African Horned Cucumber
(Pic Source : Themysteriousworld.com)

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