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Real Signs that He Wants You to be his Girlfriend

1. He’s left the online dating scene since meeting you. If a guy has decided that he wants to be exclusive and intends to pursue a serious relationship with you, his online dating presence will go. He’ll delete those dating apps from his phone and probably condemn his login information to forgetfulness. With you in the scene, what’s the use?

2. You’re always considered when he makes plans. You’re not just a footnote at the course of his day, and the time he spends with you will no longer be out of convenience. When a guy wants you to be his girlfriend, he will actively put you in his map and make plans with you in it.

3. He values and seeks your advice. In short, you have earned his respect. You’re not just a pretty face to parade around in display but have become an indispensable part of his life. One whom he can count on for good advice on important matters.

4. He’s the first one to apologize when you fight. He doesn’t want to lose you just because of some silly argument, even if you’re clearly the one who did him wrong. Either way, he won’t let a day pass without conceding and apologizing so you’re on good terms again.

5. You get the premium share of his time. He’s willing to go far as to diminish his “me” time, time for his friends or hobbies, and even family just to spend time with you. For him, time spent on anything else pales in comparison to the time you spend together.

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