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Reasons Why ‘FRIENDS WITH BENEFIT’ Is Better Than An Actual Relationship

1. No Commitments.

You both are a part of a friendship and there are no promises of having a future together. There is no family, babies and savings involved. What’s involved is just the action you are getting, which makes this

2. You are friends, so communication is easier.

The person it’s the easiest to talk to is a friend. When you are in a relationship that is actually friendship, it gets much easier to communicate. Communication is the key to any healthy relationship and you have it with your friend, so there you go.

3. It gets easier to end.

The best thing about Friends with Benefits is that you are not involved emotionally. Hence, it is easier when it ends. Although ending any friendship is not easy either, but as compared to a relationship that has a lot of attachment in it, it tends to be easier.

4. No fuss and perseverance required.

Part of the Prince Charming true love theory is that love just happens. It doesn’t require pursuing or effort and it definitely doesn’t require dating. But if you get into the habit of just waiting for your Prince Charming to come rescue you, you’re pretty likely to settle for the first guy that comes along. So, don’t wait for the prince anymore and go rock the world with FWB.

 5. No expectations.

Also, one of the merits of Friends with Benefits is that there are no expectations involved. You don’t have to call them regularly or to check on them. You don’t have any obligations and responsibilities towards each other, unlike in a relation. It’s just friendship and so you are good to go.

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